Sunday, August 20, 2017

12:00pmĀ  – 5:00pm

The Pavilion at Avonworth Community Park
(498 Camp Horne Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237)

Welcome to the Edwardian Social and Vintage Car Show.

This event is to celebrate the time period between 1900 and the First World War. During this time the Pittsburgh region had grown into an industrial and commercial powerhouse, which made its mark on the world stage. Although there was still much progress to be made in terms of labor laws and safety conditions, the wealth that poured into the region, together with technological advancements, began to change the face of how people spent their leisure time.

Come join us in taking a look back at the Edwardian Era through live musical performances, food, and inspecting these new machines called automobiles. They say they’ll soon replace the horse and buggy as the primary mode of transportation. Come tell us what you predict.

For those who wish to get the fullest experience out of this event, come dressed in period attire. See our How to Dress in Period Attire for tips and inspiration. No points are deducted for historical inaccuracies, but points are awarded for effort.